Open House SUNDAY 1-3 PM

This Sunday is the perfect day to find what you were looking for.

The  Quiet, Euro-style One Bedroom  will have an Open House between the hours of 1 to 3 PM

The price? An unbelievable $199,000!

This is our final unit available at these amazingly discounted prices.


Wow, What a Deal!

In the last year, nine of our eleven apartments sold at asking price for cash or with owner-financing.

Were these a good deal for the buyers? Let’s take a look. The numbers tell the story.


A light and lovely one-bedroom unit with southern and western sun-filled exposures was on the market only five weeks receiving multiple offers before it was snapped up for $140,000 cash. This luxurious apartment located in the Tower of the Inn was already in good condition. The buyer redid the floors but made no other improvements.

Compare: To realize the profit immediately, the owners quickly listed the same unit with Halstead Property Company for $220,000.  We are not making this up, search  the Halstead website or to

 Bottom line: This is a potential $80,000 windfall for the new owner!


Small Studio Deal

Studio purchased  at our sale price of $90,000 from us at Station Square Studios.  A lovely unit with brilliant sunlight and antique wood plank floors with a reasonable maintenance including all utilities.

Compare: Studio purchased for $125,000 from a broker. This unit is is of smaller size and facing a brick wall with no sunlight and similar maintenance.

Bottom line: A savings of $35,000 on closing day!

One Bedroom Deal

Our sun-drenched one bedroom with gorgeous Gardens views was not even empty or painted before it received numerous offers to grab it in “as is” condition. The buyer paid  only $150,000 for the unit from Station Square Studios, because we are highly motivated to sell these units quickly.

Compare: A comparable apartment with  similar maintenance is for sale at 25 Burns St. (one building away) for $330,000 with similar carrying charges. Unreal! Go to the Terrace/Sotheby’s website and view it.

Bottom line: Our lucky buyer got virtually the same space for less than half the market price!

Two Bedroom Deal

Our magnificent two-bedroom featuring a bath and a half plus a 400-square-foot terrace was offered to the tenant who grabbed it for $200,000 cash.

June, 2014, a few months after his purchase, this buyer just turned down an cash offer for $379,000 believing that the apartment will be worth far more than that in the near future!

Compare: Seven months later, a three bedroom, two bath apartment with no terrace and similar maintenance sold at 150 Burns St. just down the block for $720,000!

Bottom line: Our lucky buyer has a potential half-million-dollar jackpot on his hands!

Want a Deal Like This For Yourself?

Check out some of our just-released apartments!

Listed: One Bedroom Deal

Our just-released one bedroom unit with beautiful bay window in the living room and also open south and west sun-drenched exposures is now on the market for $149,500.

Compare: On the very same floor a one-bedroom apartment with very small closets and a shared common balcony is being offered for $360,000 with a maintenance that is $200 more per month.

Bottom line: Check the values for yourself! These are real, current prices. Do a search for < #205 One Station Square, Forest Hills, NY> at   or Google <One Station Square, Forest Hills, NY> to verify  prices. Due to our wish to move these units immediately, you will see the extent of our discounts.

Listed: Artist’s Studio

Our Nighthawk’s Nest artist’s studio with Parisian-style windows and architectural flair is offered at only $95,000

Compare:  A studio facing a construction site being offered at $140,000. Are we serious? Check out the high-priced unit #206 at Better Homes and Gardens Realty.

Bottom line: Our fire-sale is coming to an end in the next ten weeks.

The offers are already coming in and contracts going out. Please don’t call after the sale and tell us you’re ready to buy. And don’t tell us to let you know if another offer comes in. We sell to the buyer who is ready to close and who is qualified to make the purchase.

We have been brokers in Forest Hills Gardens for over thirty years and have never seen such bargains. But they will not last. You must act within the next few weeks or these units will be sold at far higher numbers.